8 simple ways to eat less without noticing it

How to lose weight very fast naturally without exercise

What you eat is important, but even healthy foods can prevent you from losing weight if you eat too much.

I never recommend extreme calorie restriction (most people are not very good at it in any way), but there are some tricks you can use to slightly reduce the amount of food you eat without the private feel, or even really notice it.

Your brain is easily fooled by changes in perspective. It is also more sensitive to external cues like an empty plate than internal cues like a full stomach.

Understanding these influences can show you how to tilt them in your favor.

Over time a difference in calories can help you lose weight. It is slow, but it is constant. And best of all, it is painless.

8 simple ways to eat less

How to lose weight very fast naturally without exercise

Use smaller plates

Using smaller plates and filling them is a proven way to eat less without noticing.

Serve yourself 20% less

In other words, you can eat 80% of the food you normally eat and probably not notice it, as long as no one points it out to you.

You could also eat 20% more, not a bad idea if you are eating vegetables.

If you have those smaller plates mentioned above, serving a little less should be just as satisfied.

How to lose weight very fast naturally without exercise

Use taller glasses

You can reduce your liquid calories by choosing taller glasses over shorter, fatter ones.

How to lose weight very fast naturally without exercise

Eat protein for breakfast

Skip the waffles and head to the omelet station instead.

Eat three meals a day

Although skipping meals can make it more difficult to control your appetite, eating more than three meals a day has not been shown to have any benefit, and may even be worse for appetite control.

Eat when you are supposed to and you shouldn’t need any additional food.

How to lose weight very fast naturally without exercise

Keep snacks out of sight or out of the building

Research has also shown that the hardest food to reach is the one you have to reach — even if the extra effort is just removing a lid or walking to the cabinet, they are less likely to eat it.

The extra work forces you to question the value of your action, and this gives you the opportunity to speak to yourself and make a decision that you may regret later.

To avoid extra snacks, keep tempting foods out of sight, or better yet, out of the house. On the other hand, keep healthy foods prominently and easily accessible.

Chew thoroughly

If you’re one of those girls who chew the minimum number of times before swallowing or shoving another full fork, chances are you’re eating a lot more at each meal than your chewing buddies.

Slow down, chew each bite (counting your bites can help develop this habit) and you will see how you fill up faster with fewer calories

How to lose weight very fast naturally without exercise

Don’t eat straight from the package

Use a plate, or a bowl, or even a napkin — just make sure you get a good view of everything you’re going to eat before taking your first bite.

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